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Innovation Curriculum

Innovation is for every student in every discipline! Innovation Engineering® is a new program open to any student interested in learning a systematic approach to creativity. The Innovation coursework coaches students through the creation, communication, and commercialization of meaningfully unique ideas. These classes are designed to help students develop, refine, communicate and successfully implement new ideas. Whether planning to work for an established organization or striking out on your own, the skills learned in Innovation Engineering® are invaluable to your career.  Students enrolled in Innovation Engineering have access to - the online collaboration system plus digital toolset to help you increase Innovation speed and decrease innovation risk using the Innovation Engineering Management System.

Why not a major in Innovation Engineering?  We don’t want to produce Innovation Engineering graduates.  We want to graduate nurses, teachers, computer scientists, english, theatre, art, and history majors that are innovators!  We want graduates to possess the tools and confidence to lead the creation, communication, and commercialization of meaningfully unique ideas in their disciplines!

The Innovation classroom is the main facility where faculty coach students through the Innovation courses.  The room is designed to facilitate collaborative teaching, learning, sharing, and practice using flexible modular furniture, IP-based infrastructure, Apple technology, a multiple screen environment, and switched AV control system.  The actual classroom experience is unique from the use of rolling flexible tables and chairs, lounging cushions, and iPads to the flipped lecture format and coaching-style teamwork.

  • INOV 180: Innovation Engineering I: Create - The first course provides a systematic approach to creativity, the foundation for students to understand how to generate innovative ideas in any field. The course gives students the theories behind and practice using tools to generate meaningfully unique ideas. These tools engage creative stimulus, diversity, and mining for technology and economic, social and cultural trends. The course examines case histories that demonstrate how social and cultural contexts and human institutions have been influenced by innovative individuals who have realized original ideas in practice.
  • INOV 280: Innovation Engineering I: Communicate - Combines elements of several disciplines: the clarity of professional writing, the precision of technical writing, and the expressiveness of creative writing. This course gives attention to narrative power of visual imagery as well as text, emphasis on authentic writing, writing as a method of prototyping, and technology translation. Students learn to communicate the benefit, the uniqueness, and the credibility of a concept. Students work with innovators to explore and translate the benefits of technical and specialized ideas to a target audience.
  • INOV 380: Innovation Engineering I: Commercialize - How do you turn an idea into a prototype? What tests reveal whether it works? Students work with real product and service ideas and create working prototypes to find the flaws of a design quickly and inexpensively. Topics include application of the scientific method to the prototyping process, sales forecasting, open-source technology, patent searching, provisional patent writing, and some elements of market research and funding.
  • INOV 480: Innovation Engineering IV: Systems - Through weekly case studies and in rapidly changing peer teams, students generate ideas, articulate innovations through writing, and research potential technologies and markets in the context of real-world businesses or nonprofit organizations.  Through this process, students learn to identify the best opportunities and to set up systems for generating and implementing new ideas in a wide range of organizations.
  • INOV 481: Innovation Engineering V: Lead a Project - Emphasizes the intensive application of concepts explored in earlier courses with the purpose of creating students’ own project proposals.  Students identify a problem or opportunity and research existing solutions to the problem before developing their own ideas.
  • INOV 482: Innovation Engineering VI: Coach a Project - Students have an opportunity during a full semester to take their own idea from proposal stage to prototype and beyond.  Projects may be individual or team-based.
What is Innovation Engineering? An overview by Doug Hall of the Innovation Engineering Management System, a methodology and system to help you transform to an innovation culture by increasing innovation speed and decreasing innovation risk.

How does Innovation Engineering work? Fun explanation

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